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CIP cleaning in a GMP centrifuge

Free of contamination

The possibility of fully-automatic cleaning in place with verified cleaning efficiency (cleaning validation) is a prerequisite in every process stage of modern......


Hygienic measurement

In the brochure „Hygienic measurement of pressure and temperature“ Wika presents its inline process interface with no dead spaces at all, for......


Graphite gasketing

The brochure from Garlock Sealing Technologies shows the new family of graphite gasketing. The new program covers the Graphonic Gasketing, designed for heat......

Seamless temperature control of multi-product installations

Constant product quality

Constantly changing processes for manufacturing different products require flexible adaptation of the equipment used in multi-purpose installations. This is......

Facilitates the set-up of miniplants

Compact evaporation thermostat

In chemical process development small miniplants are increasingly replacing large pilot plants. Evaporation thermostats are often used as heat generators to......

Rotating heat recovery system for low energy consumption

Catalytic air purification

Girocat combines a catalytic reactor with a rotating heat exchanger. Catalytic oxidation has the advantage of enabling operation to take place at temperatures......

With ever more interesting applications

Self-cleaning heat exchangers

Self-cleaning heat exchange technology based on a fluidised bed of particles circulating through the tubes of a vertical shell-and-tube exchanger was developed......

Aluminium oxide membranes in separation technology

Long service life

Many separation applications where extremely hot or aggressive media are filtered require the use of ceramic membranes. Due to their significantly longer......

Online glucose measurements in bioprocess engineering

Complete process monitoring

Glucose is the most important nutrient source for micro-organisms in biotechnical processes. This carbon source is used in almost 95% of all cultures. The......

Use of rapidly cooled alloys for fixed bed catalysts

Improved hydrogenation

The Metalyst combines the advantages of an activated base metal catalyst with the flexibility of a fixed bed system. The use of rapidly cooled alloys improves......


Hygienic aseptic valves

Stericom aseptic valves are developed on the proven Varivent system. They are hermetically sealing, safely ruling out product contamination from the atmosphere......


Boiler automation

The Spector system is a range of efficient instruments for monitoring and control steam boilers, feedwater systems and hot-water plants. The level control and......


In-head temperature transmitter

The HART protocol in-head temperature transmitter, the SEM310, is small in size, yet has a high performance. It has full HART communications protocol, for the......


Modular terminal blocks

Termitrab TT-M… are modular terminal blocks with integrated multi-stage overvoltage protection. When the protective terminal block is clicked-on, a......


Coaxial solenoid valves

The industrial-grade solenoid coaxial valves Co-Ax replace conventional motor-driven valves for the control of liquids, gases, vacuum, and a variety of media......


Tank level via data line

The differential pressure and flow meter Media 6 offers gas suppliers and customers a lot of benefits. The measured liquid level of the tank can be displayed......


Screening fine products

The Appi (Airtechnic product or powder improver) is a computer controlled fully automatic airtechnical powder or granular screening installation which is able......


Evaluating flow properties

The FT3 powder rheometer uses an innovative principle to assess flow properties of powder. A twisted blade rotates and moves along a programmable helical path......


Small rotary screw compressors

The SSR 15 to 22 kW models utilise proven technology in fullfeatured packages, offering high performance and reliability and reduced maintenance requirements......


Safety cabinet for laboratories

These safety cabinets are permanently ventilated and therefore clearly reduce the danger of explosions. Due to their sandwich construction in case of fire the......

Drawing tool increases productivity in technical communication

Flexible diagramming solution

The design, construction and maintenance of process installations within the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, power plant and food and beverage......

Batch process modelling and planning software

Keeping control

Batch processes are essential for preparing special chemicals and biotechnology products. Specifically tailored programs help to keep even complex production......

Additive protection levels make UPS systems more robust

Uninterrupted power supply

A major factor for the process reliability of modern production plants is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It guarantees the supply to critical loads......

Remote I/O for explosion protection applications

Not just a transitional solution

No additional protective devices have to be installed if remote I/O technology is used in hazardous areas. A field bus connects to the automation system, and......


High-pressure valve

The high-pressure globe valve Nori 320 features a single-piece body without separate cover. The easy to assemble and dismantle valve is fitted with a bayonet......


SMART valve positioner

The valve positioner Mark 16IQ is packed with features including diagnostic capabilities for scheduled valve maintenance; linear, equal percentage or......


Universal valve positioner

The valve positioner Arcapro is characterised by substantially increased functions and a compact design. The robust, sea-water resistant metal housing, offered......


Pressure transmitter

The smallest measurement range is 0 to 10 mbar, the largest 0 to 600 bar. The medium may be aggressive or viscous. All sensors can be used for static or......


Continuous sludge granulation

The ETS technology for sludge granulation avoids both waste materials and the cost of dumping them. The cost-effective technique makes it possible to recycle......


GMP-conform mixer dryer

The mixer dryer complies with requirements demanded by the pharmaceutical industry, as specified in the FDA and GMP regulations. The mixing screw performs two......


Reaction calorimetry

The combination of thermal flow and heat balance calorimetry in one system eliminates the respective disadvantages of both methods such as the dependency of......


Rapid cooling of hot flue gas

Flue gas of hazardous waste incineration needs to be cooled rapidly in order to suppress dioxine formation. The new equipment achieves this by utilization of......


Universal calibrator

The proven universal calibrator Digistant 4422 has now been redesigned to reach a higher accuracy for all calibrat-on tasks for field and laboratory use. Its......


Moulded diaphragm pumps

With their moulded diaphragm the oil-free miniature pumps of the 7006 series achieve not only outstanding pressure and vacuum levels but also longer service......


Reducing costs

The electronically controlled pulsation damper offers an economical alternative for all processes with different or fluctuating system pressure requiring......


Universal logic control units

One display with text and four touch keys enable very comprehensive and self-explanatory parameter assignment to be carried out directly on the device. All the......


In-process measurements

The EPCSTM 3 delivers in-process, real-time particle sizing. The system is designed to monitor and control particle size distributions from 0.5 to 1000 mm in......

Garlock expand their range of products Denise Fröhlich

Inflatable seals

Garlock have taken over the French company Cefilac, thereby supplementing their range of products as a result of this integration. New to this range are......

In operation at a BASF residue incineration plant

Rotary kiln sealing system

For a seal manufacturer, the residue incinera-tion process in a rotary kiln involves applica-tions for which a high technological standard is essential. A......

Bursting disc arranged directly in front of safety valve

Combined safety

Separate sizing and selection of safety valve or bursting disc take place by means of tables in the manufacturer’s catalogues or using special computer......

Continuous further development broadens the application spectrum

Vacuum conveyors

The trend in the design of conveying systems is increasingly towards customised, tailor-made units. When account is taken of the various demands which have to......

With extended operating and setting options

Solenoid-operated diaphragm pump

The range of applications of the gamma/L metering pump extends from the stand-alone model in the laboratory to the bus-linked metering unit in complex systems......

Self-priming, chemical centrifugal pumps used in the production of caprolactam

Gassing media under control

Industrial centrifugal pumps are not generally designed to be self-priming and this is moreover not necessary for the usual conveying conditions. However......


Pumps for sterile processes

The Fristam brochure on „Pumps for Sterile Processes“ gives an impressive overview of the pumps that guarantee optimum solutions in this field. In......

Up-to-date, competent, benefit-focused

20 years of chemical plants + processing

In June 1967 an important milestone was reached in the history of Konradin Verlag’s controlled-circulation magazines. With Ludwig Haberl as......


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